Why hire a social media marketer?


Digital marketing is a relatively new sphere in the world of marketing and there may be only a handful of professionals who truly know what they are doing. As professionals easily claim social media “guru” status simply by knowing how to use Facebook, it can be a challenge for hiring managers to find true talent.




Many companies are keen to hire social media talent to boost their marketing strategies. But with job titles such as brand managers, community managers or social media strategists, how can hiring managers know which social media marketer to recruit?

Staying updated with the latest information and trends

In such a fast-paced world with information overload, a good social media marketer will be able to suss out the best information that is worth your while – and post industry updates that will ensure that your brand has top-of-mind recall for consumers by establishing a strong online presence.

Engaging your audience

With consumers being inundated by information everyday, an online presence helps you to engage one-on-one and to form a more personal connection. For example, organisations can respond to users’ Facebook or Twitter comments – answering their queries, or react to feedback as part of a consummate customer service experience. A social media marketer is able to track how your brand’s online image and dispel any myths.

With good content and an interactive platform, users (and your likely customers) are likely to come back for more. 

Creating compelling, curated content

Content is king, and will become even more so in today’s context. As Google’s search algorithms become more complex and quality content becomes high on the priority list of Internet search engines, top-notch content has become the way to go in capturing the attention of the masses. A social media marketing professional will know which type of content to post in order to grow a visitor base.

Building a community of users

With good content and an interactive platform, users (and your likely customers) are likely to come back for more. These users could be the possible advocates of your brand, spreading positive messages via word-of-mouth marketing.

Gaining trust and credibility

People turn to the Internet for quick advice, meaning that if you have a good online presence, you’re more likely to capture their attention. When an organisation does not have a website – or has one that is poorly maintained, it may reflect poorly on the brand name.
Whether it’s a service or product you’re providing, a good search engine optimisation strategy can bring you high volumes of web traffic and further seal your brand name in the industry.

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