Contract Hiring

Looking for additional short-term resources to help your team's workload? Robert Walters is able to help you swiftly hire the mid-level to senior professional you need on a short-term contract basis.

Case studies

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Global Technology & Business Solutions Provider

Taking on several new, time-sensitive projects, this leading global technology and business solutions provider needed short term contractors with niche skillsets to meet unique project demands. Learn how Robert Walters helped them find the right talent.

Financial Services Firm

This Singapore firm works with several external agencies to hire the contract employees they need for their projects. Learn why they have chosen to work closely with Robert Walters.

Investment and Private Bank

This leading global investment and private bank hires contract employees on a regular basis to help meet the needs of their projects as well as to cover staff that may be on long leave. Find out how Robert Walters supports them in finding the contract employees they need.

Medical Equipment Company

With several new projects on hand, this large medical equipment company was seeking to hire contractors to provide support to their relatively lean team in Singapore and the regional market. Find out how Robert Walters helped them to find the right contractors.

Securities and Capital Markets Firm

Read how Robert Walters helped a global securities and capital markets firm with some contract roles they were looking to urgently looking to move from Beijing to India.

Global Media & Financial Data Analytics Company

Read how Robert Walters helped a global media & financial data analytics company recruit better contractors with our contract hiring and payroll services solutions.

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