Accounting and

finance jobs in Singapore


Accounting & finance jobs in Singapore

We specialise in finding roles for accountancy professionals, ranging from accounting, financial analysis, and corporate finance to tax, treasury and internal audit. 

Our consultants only recruit accounting and finance professionals across all levels for commerce industries, banks and financial institutions and are experts in their niche areas. Because we're specialists, we can offer you in-depth understanding of your career goals.

Our approach


We've been helping accounting and finance professionals find jobs in Singapore for more than 15 years.

Our accounting & finance team understand your needs because many of them are industry specialists, having been former qualified accounting professionals. We look forward to meeting you for an in-depth discussion about your career objectives.

The team is excited about becoming your recruiter and helping you achieve your career goals.

Zen Soh, Manager
T: (65) 6228 0224

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