A guide on securing highly skilled Singaporean talent based overseas

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Skilled Singaporeans have always been sought after and the introduction of the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) in 2013 has only seen demand for local professionals rise.

With 200,000 Singaporeans residing overseas, there is a unique pool of talent outside of the country and professionals with skills and qualities that companies can tap on.

However, 60% of companies find it challenging to hire candidates with international experience. What kind of challenges are companies facing, and how can they overcome them? 

In this guide, we identify:
  • The reasons why companies need to tap on overseas-based Singaporean professionals
  • The key challenges in hiring overseas-based Singaporeans
  • How companies can secure the talent they need

Established in 2014, our award-winning Balik Kampung campaign helps companies overcome the skills shortages they face by connecting them with highly skilled overseas-based Singaporean talent. Contact Ivy Low, our international candidate manager, to find out more. 

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