Six pledges to beat plastic pollution


This year’s World Environment Day takes place on the 5th of June, the event already spreading lots of buzz among people and business organisations worldwide. The event revolves around the theme, ’Beat Plastic Pollution’, with its organiser, United Nations encouraging everyone to play a part in reducing plastic waste.  



In a bid to encourage social responsibility and mindfulness about plastic pollution, we gathered pledges from determined employees in our Singapore office who want to make a difference in reducing plastic consumption:

‘’Plastic pollution is not only an eyesore, but it’s also destroying our oceans and sea life. I pledge to help beat plastic pollution by making a conscious effort to bring a reusable container for my morning coffee, avoid taking plastic ware when buying takeaway meals and purchase household items which are packaged in boxes instead of plastic bottles and sachets.’’ 

Danzel Tay
Digital Marketing Executive - SEA & GCN 


‘’Due to my (all-too) regular use of takeaway coffees and meals week-on-week, I pledge to never use a plastic bag, plastic straws and to re-use my own set of cutlery unless there is no alternative. I also pledge to identify and choose food vendors who use recyclable / bio-degradable containers.’’ 

Alex Martin
Principal Consultant


‘’I will refuse plastic straws and plastic bags as much as possible, reduce the use of plastic packaging by eating at the food place instead of taking it away, and commit to bringing my own utensils if I am going to pack food.’’ 

Vera Yap
Consultant - Projects & Change


‘’In order to play a part in environmental conservation, I pledge to refrain from using any plastic container, plastic bags and cutlery for my take-away coffees and meals. I also pledge to bring my own recycle bags for my grocery shopping.’’

Miya Toh
Senior Consultant 


‘’From this day onwards, I pledge to use my own coffee mug for every coffee purchase.’’

Rebecca Sim
Marketing Executive


‘’Walking on the beach should be kept for picking up seashells, not plastic. I pledge to choose the environmentally-friendly option at any given opportunity and plan my daily consumption by using non-disposable tableware.’’

Nathan Smit
Senior Consultant 

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