Hiring in Sales and Marketing (Contract): Social media marketing remains high in demand in 2023

Anarane Thng, Manager of Commerce Contract at Robert Walters Singapore

With talks of an upcoming recession, professionals within the Sales and Marketing sector are concerned about job security and prefer to be engaged in a paying role that tides them over uncertain times. “Heading into 2023, companies are also becoming more receptive to the idea of contracting and placing candidates on agency payroll due to headcount restrictions,” says Anarane Thng, Manager of Commerce Contract at Robert Walters Singapore. 

Read on as Anarane shares more about her expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Sales and Marketing professionals in 2023, with an emphasis on contracting roles.

Social savvy marketers will shine

Social media marketing continues to be a key priority across firms, and marketers who specialise in influencer and key opinion leader (KOL) engagement are in demand. Professionals who have experience in marketing automation will also be highly sought after. 

“Companies want talents who are fluent in conducting campaign analytics. Bonus points go to professionals who have creative experience such as UI/UX or graphic design,” says Anarane.

Emphasis on digital and e-commerce marketing skills

In 2023, skill sets that are in demand include digital marketing, e-commerce, and program marketing. Businesses are also on the lookout for professionals skilled in public relations and communications.

“Roles that require these skill sets will definitely see relatively higher hiring activity in 2023,” Anarane mentions.

Avoid attrition by investing in employees

Businesses should continue to invest and upskill current talents, or risk losing them to other companies. “If you can afford to have a larger budget to hire new talent, you likely can afford to increase your current employee’s wages,” notes Anarane.

With the ways that work has shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anarane also advises companies to consider a permanent approach to flexible or hybrid work arrangements to strike a balance between old and new norms.

Consider a permanent approach to hybrid arrangements to strike a balance between old and new norms.

Niche roles to see increase in salary 

“There will be an increase in salaries, especially within the tech industry or for niche roles,” says Anarane.

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