Robert Walters Leadership Podcast E6: Conversation with Hao Tran, Vietcetera Media

Leading in a post-COVID environment podcast with Parag Arora, Citrix

In episode six of our Talent Talk with Robert Walters podcast in South East Asia, we speak with Hao Tran, CEO of Vietcetera Media, who shares his journey of running a fast-growing media start-up in Vietnam.

From moving to Vietnam as a young Vietnamese-American to jumping into the media industry and founding his own restaurant, Hao reveals how he runs the show and makes tough decisions as a young CEO, and why Vietnam is such a compelling place for professionals keen to advance their careers and maintain a high standard of living.

A key takeaway for listeners and viewers? Hao shares how at the end of the day, we should all be clear on what we are optimising for at every stage of our career, and the importance of remaining open to different perspectives, even as we focus on our career path and goals.

Our Robert Walters Leadership Podcast is part of our Talent Talk series, where we feature leaders from diverse industries and the sharing of their experience, advice, and insights in the world of work. Watch the videocast for this episode here.

Interested in finding out how we are helping overseas-based Vietnamese return home to fulfilling careers? Check out our Robert Walters Come Home Pho Good programme to explore past success stories and new opportunities.

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