Achieving employer of choice


Similar to marketers who wish to gain “top of mind awareness” when selling their products and services, many employers now wish to achieve the position – “Employer of Choice”, in order to hire the best candidates.

So how do companies go about securing this position amongst the sea of competitors in the job market?



Investing in infrastructure

Nobody wishes to work in an environment where technology limits the productivity. More often than not, we hear complaints from employees who are working with computers and operating systems that are outdated and unable to support their work efficiently.

In order to maximise the full productive capacity of employees, it is important for companies to offer them the most updated technology to keep them happy and efficient.

Empowering your employees

Companies with a traditional structure, although not obsolete, rarely reach the top of the ladder when it comes to becoming an employer-of-choice. The reason for this is due to the amount of bureaucracy that exists within traditional corporate structures.

Companies at the forefront prefer to adopt a flat organisational structure where employees are given more power to make decisions on the ground. Empowering employees is especially important in front office roles within the IT industry where employees interact directly with clients to secure new businesses.

Hence, companies moving towards a flatter reporting structure become more attractive to job seekers who value autonomy and a fast-paced work environment.

Companies moving towards a flatter reporting structure become more attractive to job seekers who value autonomy and a fast-paced work environment.

Flexible benefits

Innovation is key to the success of tech companies, and this is put into play when designing benefits packages for your valued employees. Cater to their needs – while working mums would appreciate wholesome childcare benefits and work-from-home arrangements, the Millennials are attracted by flexi-hours, perks such as gym memberships, and performance-based bonuses.

As the top of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google offers just that, from company-provided food, sleeping pods, and game rooms, to education subsidies, time-off for parents, and medical benefits. While it may not be possible for all companies to offer such extensive benefits, offering targeted benefits would definitely set you apart from your competitors and grow your reputation as an employer-of-choice.

Support creativity

Individuals now wish to pursue their interests and desire to leave a mark on the company they are working in, even more so in technology companies for the opportunity to create something new. Creativity stems from freedom, and the best thing you can offer your employee is the autonomy and support.

3M, for example, allows their employees 15% of their time to work on individual projects as they believe that by providing their employees a chance to prove any business ideas they may have, this would eventually benefit the business as a whole. This has resulted in the launch of various ingenious products, and greatly attracted and retained their talent pool.

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