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What tech firms are doing to overcome the talent crunch

Recruiting the right talent is the top concern for technology firms in Singapore. How are growing tech companies in the country overcoming this challenge to grow and expand their teams?
Three asian people in discussion

A Guide for Asian Companies

Looking to grow your business internationally? Check out our latest whitepaper to get insights into how Asian companies that are globalising their businesses can effectively attract and retain international talent.

5 reasons why employees resign - and how to stop them

Professionals quit for a number of reasons, from feeling underpaid to undervalued. But understanding why employees want to resign may help to prevent them from leaving.

What people say about "Balik Kampung"

Singaporeans who have returned share their experiences on how the Balik Kampung program has helped them secure a role back home.

Why firms shouldn't dismiss job-hoppers in the tech industry

From possessing a range of technical skills to being able to offer competitive intel, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring job-hoppers.