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Our industry thought leadership gives our clients and candidates unique insight, and is one of the reasons why they value an ongoing relationship with us. We pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation and our market research reinforces this quality-focused brand positioning. Our e-guides and whitepapers for clients take an in-depth look at key trends and talent management issues impacting employers today, while our content pieces for candidates aim to empower them in their job searches and careers. 

For Job Seekers

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A Guide to Rediscovering and Upskilling Yourself

The COVID-19 crisis presents a good opportunity to explore your strengths, skills, passion and goals – and in turn, revisit your career journey. Where did you come from, where are you now, and where should you head to next?

The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home

Whether you’re a workaholic who can’t shut off, a daydreamer who can’t get switched on or perhaps you’re struggling to cope with isolation, our e-guide provides the advice you need to make a success of working from home.

The complete interview guide

Drawing on the knowledge of our expert recruiters we’ve developed this comprehensive guide, designed to help you shine at your interviews.

For Employers

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A Guide for Start-ups in SEA: How to build a winning team

In this e-guide, we have gathered top tips for start-up founders who have just raised or are about to raise their first rounds of funding and are now faced with the challenge of recruiting to set their business in the direction of success. Access our full e-guide today.

Empowering people to deliver ESG transformation

In this e-guide, we explore how environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues no longer sit on the sidelines of organisational strategy. Download the report to find out how effective recruitment and retention can elevate companies' ESG actions.

The Great Resignation Reality Check

Robert Walters conducted a survey with over 2,600 professionals and 1,100 companies across South East Asia to find out what South East Asian talent and organisations think about quitting/changing jobs and staff turnover over the past year.

Hiring Trends In The World's Leading Financial Services Cities

In this eBook, Hiring Trends In The World's Leading Financial Services Cities, we dive into 8 leading Financial Services cities, looking at the hiring trends over the last two years, what result this has had on the talent landscape, which skills and professionals are in demand, and what our specialist recruitment teams, globally, expect to see over the next 12 months.

Global Fintech Report

Don't let staying ahead in the FinTech market be limited by how quickly you expand your teams. Download the Global FinTech Talent Report for industry-specific market insights, across multiple countries, to help you attract, hire and retain top talent in today's competitive market.

Act Like a Start-up and Recruit the Best Talent

In this e-guide Robert Walters, together with start-up leaders, share insights on the three start-up characteristics that make them more attractive to professionals, and how more established organisations can incorporate these to recruit the best talent.

Symptoms of Dysfunction in Hybrid Working

Hybrid working raises tough questions, in this report we have surveyed thousand of employees world for practical insights and solutions for employers and hiring managers worldwide. Download our free guide today.

The Future of the Finance Function

We wanted to understand what the future of the finance function will look like and surveyed over 5,500 professionals and 2,200 global companies across 31 countries worldwide, to find out what factors will continue to drive change within the finance function in the next few years.

Redefining the Future Business Leader

In this e-guide, we interviewed 9 business leaders from diverse industries across the world, to hear their experience and valuable lessons learnt while steering their companies through the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting ‘new normal’.

A Guide on Securing Highly Skilled Singaporean Talent Based Overseas

Struggling to find the right Singaporean talent for your organisation? Expanding your search may be the answer. Check out our guide to find out why you should consider hiring overseas-based Singaporeans, and how our Balik Kampung campaign can help you secure the local talent you need.

Women who inspire - 20 stories from across Asia

We believe learning from others and their experiences is the fastest way to grow and in this book “Women Who Inspire – 20 Stories From Across Asia”, we explore the journey behind 20 female leaders, and the ways they are creating inspiration for the people and communities around them.

Grow your talent, Hire based on Potential

The competition for skilled talent is always strong. For businesses to emerge victorious in the talent race, they need to look at hiring high potential individuals and developing their capabilities. In this e-guide, we explore how companies can create an effective recruitment process to identify and hire high potential individuals.

The role of HR in the new world of work - download the e-guide

HR professionals have been on the frontline of managing the impact of COVID-19 on business continuity. This e-guide discusses areas in which HR can have a real impact on what the new normal will look like.

The future of work - futureproofing careers and workforces

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the world’s largest ever workplace experiment as companies were forced to quickly mobilise their workforces from office-based working to home working with very little warning or preparation.

Returning to the new world of work

Robert Walters surveyed over 400 organisations in South East Asia to ask exactly this. We wanted to understand how businesses responded to Covid-19, what they really think about remote working, how they plan to return to the office and – most importantly – what their vision is for the new world of work.

Five Lessons in Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage

In this era of digital disruption, companies are all competing for talented tech professionals. How can companies attract and retain the very best tech talent to help accelerate their businesses?

Hiring for Potential in the 4th Industrial Revolution

In this e-guide we will explore the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on talent acquisition and how your organisation can future proof itself by hiring for potential rather than current skill set.

Leading Remote Teams

Change is the new constant and leaders must embrace sustainable practices that future-proof their businesses from crises to come. Remote working will become the new normal, and this ebook offers tips for leaders to effectively manage their teams.

Remote Onboarding

Is your business geared up for remote onboarding? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote onboarding to learn how to hire, engage and onboard talent from home.

Remote Hiring

Is your business geared up for remote hiring? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote hiring to learn how to hire the best talent from home.

Burning the Candle: Preventing Workplace Burnout

Not all stress is equal. In fact, a little bit of stress in the workplace is beneficial to all of us, boosting our ability to forge ahead, and aiding in the generation of novel ideas. However, chronic and persistent stress that hasn’t been managed can easily lead to burnout. In fact, in May 2019, “burnout” was added to the World Health Organisation's ICD-11 as an official diagnosis.

A Guide for Asian Companies

Looking to grow your business internationally? Check out our latest whitepaper to get insights into how Asian companies that are globalising their businesses can effectively attract and retain international talent.

Empowering Women in the Workplace

This whitepaper explores career priorities of working professionals, how female leaders are regarded in the workplace, the need for equal representation of female leaders in an organisation and what companies can do to empower women in their careers.

Return of the Asian Talent

Hiring and leveraging the skills of overseas Asians has emerged as a differentiated recruitment strategy for firms looking to overcome the talent crunch. Robert Walters’ new whitepaper provides the key tactics employers should adopt to attract and retain them.

Career progression whitepaper

Robert Walters' inaugural whitepaper aims to provide you with insights on how you can use career progression to recruit the best professionals and retain key talent.