As one of the top global recruitment agencies, Robert Walters in New York specializes in job opportunities in accounting and finance, banking and financial services, compliance, legal, risk management and quantitative analytics, and sales and marketing.

Whether you are looking for a new job, or need to hire for your team, we offer a highly professional and personalized service to both job seekers and hiring managers.

Robert Walters New York

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New York, NY 10036

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What we do

Our New York office specializes in finding well qualified, senior accounting and finance professionals in the banking and financial services space as well as in the commerce industry. We work with national and international organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses.

We also work extensively with global financial institutions including investment banks, retail banks, commercial banks, commodity trading firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, asset managers and insurance companies to hire top talent across finance, compliance, legal, and risk and quantitative analytics.

Robert Walters, New York also has an expert team dedicated to the recruitment of top sales and marketing talent. We work largely in the digital media, consumer products and manufacturing spaces, to hire sales, marketing, business development and digital analytics professionals.

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