3 things women in tech need to do to succeed

There has never been a better time for women to join the tech industry. Startups are hiring, hours are flexible, and employers are actively seeking women to narrow the gender gap and leverage on the commercial and social gains that come with gender diversity. But this is still a male dominated industry - how can women succeed?

Keeping up with Singapore's evolving FS tech market

Singapore is evolving, and so are workforce demands. Having gradually established itself as a leader in the global financial services and technology industries, Singapore is an ideal location for global financial institutions to base themselves in Asia. How can you keep up with the changing market?


Demand rises for cybersecurity experts

Robert Walters specialist technology consultants have observed that there has been a continuous increase in demand for talented cyber security specialists at all levels. Building cyber security teams is a priority for banking and financial services organisations in Singapore so these specialists are sought after.

Robert Walters event - celebrating women in tech

Establishing corporate policies that support women isn’t enough to boost gender diversity within the tech industry. Rather, firms need to back it up with a corporate culture that lives, believes and encourages the principle of providing a level-playing field for everyone.

Our event on 16th March 2017 comprised of a panel featuring three highly successful women leaders who have each made significant contributions to the tech industry in their own respective ways. These included Gina Wong, Head of Cloud Services, ASEAN at IBM, Shivani Saini, CIO, Asia, Middle East, Africa at GSK and Rosaline Koo, Founder and CEO of ConneXionsAsia.


The importance of the human element in recruitment

As hiring processes become increasingly automated, Sam Randall, Senior Manager of Technology at Robert Walters Singapore, debates about the role recruiters currently play in securing high-potential talent. Over the years there have been a number of changes in the way that companies have been engaging with the market and conducting their hiring, but despite the ever increasing pervasiveness of social networks, people will always value a relationship that has been built over a period of time. People like to work with people they trust.