Robert Walters Singapore raises a record amount of $17,038 for Charity Day 2019


The Robert Walters Group held its annual fundraising event on 11 October 2019. 200 Robert Walters and Resource Solutions staff came together on this day to raise a total of $17,038 for Beyond Social Services.

A united effort

To raise as much as possible for Beyond Social Services, all the teams organised and ran their own fundraising activity. The office auction saw the most funds raised, and we would like to thank Carlton City Hotel, Harman, Interparfums, Pernod Ricard and Red Bull for sponsoring the items that were part of the auction. 

Other highlights included fun games such as “Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe”, a three-person relay where participants were required to place an empty cup on the edge of the table and use their fingers to flip the cup completely upside down before placing it on a tic-tac-toe board. There was also “The Great Eggsperience”, where participants had to balance an egg on a spoon in their mouth while completing an obstacle course blindfolded. “Wild Wild Wax” saw several of our male staff take up the challenge of getting their chest hair waxed, and “Dare You To” had participants put on glamorous make-up, don bald caps and cover up their eyebrows. “Dare Pong”, a spin-off from beer pong, and “Boat Race” pitted teams against each other and the participants’ throwing and speed drinking skills had everyone cheering with excitement.

In addition to these activities, we organised a preorder for eco-friendly products and held a bake sale within the office. The Resource Solutions team also had a #Move4RS challenge, where staff walked, ran, cycled or swam to raise funds.

Supporting Beyond Social Services 

Beyond Social Services is a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. The Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) provides guidance, care and resources that enable families and communities to keep their young people in school and out of trouble.

Find out more about Beyond Social Services.


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