Contract positions on the rise


Global recruitment firm, Robert Walters’ latest survey showed that companies increasingly use contracting as a flexible employment method and a viable solution to the lack of permanent manpower in their organisations.

According to Toby Fowlston, Managing Director of Robert Walters Singapore, employers look to hire contractors as temporary assistance for employees on maternity leave or to work on various projects. “Contracting helps employers manage talent and gives employees the exposure to various industries, with a chance to convert to a permanent role with the organisation,” he added.

Mellissa Mayne, Commerce Contract Manager at Robert Walters Singapore, pointed out during an interview that the demand for specialist contract positions has seen consistent increase over the last 5 years, a rise that is mainly attributed to the finance and IT sectors in Singapore.

The survey was targeted at over 300 professionals and raises awareness on the growing importance of contracting as a flexible recruitment strategy for employers, as well as a viable career opportunity for specialist professionals.

Please click here to download the survey report: Robert Walters Singapore Contracting Survey 2015

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