Faiz Modak

Faiz Modak
Senior Manager - Applications & Infrastructure 

Faiz manages the applications and development team, working with the best technology talent in the market for financial services organisations across Singapore.

T: +65 6228 5362 | E: faiz.modak@robertwalters.com.sg

Valerie Corera

Valerie Corera
Manager - Project Management & Change

Valerie manages the projects and change team, working with banking firms across Singapore.

T: +65 6228 5372 | E: valerie.corera@robertwalters.com.sg


Alexia Olivar
Consultant - Applications & Quants

Alexia focuses on technology recruitment from front office to back office ranging from applications, testing, full-stack development as well as quantitative analytics and development for both permanent and contract positions across the banking and finance industry.

T: +65 6228 0248| E: alexia.olivar@robertwalters.com.sg




Janice Tee
Consultant - Quant & Data Science

Janice focuses on technology recruitment for data science and quantitative analytics covering permanent and contract positions in the financial services, banking and insurance industry. 

T: +65 6228 5356 | E: janice.tee@robertwalters.com.sg


Brett Lockett
Principal Consultant - Cyber Security & Infrastructure

Brett works with infrastructure, security and risk professionals in Singapore and places them into permanent roles for a variety of financial services organisations.

T: +65 6228 0295 | E: brett.lockett@robertwalters.com.sg



Nirosha Xaiver
Consultant - Applications

Nirosha works with talented technology applications and development professionals and places them into financial services organisations in Singapore.

T: +65 6228 5331 | E: nirosha.xavier@robertwalters.com.sg


Su-May Lam

Consultant - Projects & Change, Financial Services

Su-May works on the projects and change contracting desk covering Project Managers, Business Analysts, PMO contract positions across financial services

T: +65 6228 5311 | E: su-may.lam@robertwalters.com.sg