New Office/Division Set-up

If your organisation is looking to set up a new office or division, or enter a new market, you need the right recruitment partner who provide you with insights into the local hiring market. With strong experience in all our South East Asia markets, Robert Walters is well-positioned to help you with your needs.

Case studies

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New to the Vietnam market, Minthacare needed to build up a robust local team. Learn how Robert Walters and our video interviewing tool helped the company find the right talent and assess candidate motivation.


For companies looking to enter a new market, it can be challenging to find the right talent who not only understand the local market, but who can also collaborate well with the headquarters. Learn how Robert Walters helped Ecolean with their first sales hire in Vietnam.


Finding the right management team is key to ensuring success when setting up operations in a new country. Read how Robert Walters helped Lovepop find the right team to lead their new factory in Vietnam.

Shipping & Vessel Management Company

This shipping and vessel management company based in Monaco decided to explore the Philippine market and looked to set up a financial operations team in Cebu. Find out how we helped them set up their finance shared services hub in the Philippines.

International Retailer

This international retailer was looking to set up their first branch in Ho Chi Minh, and be one of the first few large clothing retailers in the growing market. Read how Robert Walters helped them find the right talent for their new set up.

Global Manufacturing Building Materials Company

Specialising in manufacturing building materials, this global company was looking to set up a manufacturing site in Vietnam. Learn how Robert Walters helped the company find the right people to set up their manufacturing site within the country.

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