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The Robert Walters advertising solutions allow you to tap on a variety of marketing channels and recruitment tools including the Robert Walters website, video interviewing tools, mailers to our database, job board advertisements and more – without the headache of having to manage multiple vendors.

Case studies

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Finding the right management team is key to ensuring success when setting up operations in a new country. Read how Robert Walters helped Lovepop find the right team to lead their new factory in Vietnam.

Life Insurance Company

This life insurance company in the Philippines wanted to take a proactive approach towards digitalisation to drive growth. Read how Robert Walters helped them attract talent they needed for their digitalisation initiatives through our advertising solutions.

Insurance Company

Find out how Robert Walters helped a world leading insurance company in Malaysia recruit the talent they needed to build a quality online customer experience for their users.

AI Solutions Company

As part of their global expansion and growth strategy, this Silicon Valley-based AI solutions company was looking to expand into the Asia Pacific market. Find out how Robert Walters partnered with them to source for high calibre professionals.

Information Technology and Services Company

This information technology and services company was seeking software engineers to create a digital asset exchange purpose-built for institutional and accredited investors. Find out how Robert Walters assisted them with our ad solution package.

Global Manufacturing Building Materials Company

Specialising in manufacturing building materials, this global company was looking to set up a manufacturing site in Vietnam. Find out how Robert Walters supported them in their hiring and employer branding efforts.

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