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Our Leadership Principles

In 2006, we launched Amazon Web Services, giving customers access to the same cloud technology we built to serve millions of shoppers on Amazon.com. Throughout the years since we started, we’ve built hundreds of new services, onboarded millions of customers, and expanded operations around the globe. Yet one thing has stayed consistent: our Leadership Principles.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles are a set of standards all Amazonians aspire to every day; they are ingrained in our culture. Employees love them because they clearly explain the kinds of behaviors we value. As an AWS employee, you’ll rarely have a day go by without hearing our Leadership Principles referenced for doing the right thing. They are a universal approach to how we work here.

We use our Leadership Principles every day, whether we’re discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solve a problem. It is just one of the things that makes AWS peculiar.



Why work for Amazon Web Services?

In AWS, we don't mind being called “peculiar." We have our own way of doing things. We're obsessed with customers, we see beauty in simplifying the complex, and we're comfortable with being misunderstood. That might sound unorthodox, but our unusual approach and our culture - focused on removing obstacles so builders can build - are part of why our employees enjoy working in AWS.